ABRAHAMSSON AUDIO: Are they still in business?

Abrahamsson Audio - are they still in business?

We don't think so. Here's what we've been able to find so far: "Norwegian manufacturer of high end amplifiers based in Oslo and run by Ola Abrahamsson who some of you might remember from Internet amplifier DIY discussions in the 90's. Started manufacturing amplifiers using a slightly unusual transistorised single ended topology (fully class A) in 1995 including a model called Aqua 1 that was liquid cooled, like similar valve based amps they were fairly ineffective pumping out only 10 to 30W and fairly expensive but apparently sounded rather good.

The company was often listed as Abrahamsson Audio Laboratories on websites in its day and was closed down in 2000 when the owner moved to Sweden, but Hr. Abrahamsson started up another company in Sweden in early 2007 called A & O Audio that manufactures amplifiers on the same principle as the AAL ones and that company is now selling them under the Abrahamsson Audio brand"

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