What speakers should this person consider around $5k?


"I'm ready to move on from my current system: Bryston 4BST, Proceed Pre, Revel Performa F30's and Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC. I'm planning to keep the DAC, and swap the Bryston and Proceed out for a decent integrated SS amp (just don't want to "do" tubes, even though I think they can sound great). I like the relatively deep bass of the Revels, but they can sound very bloated without VERY expensive cabling.

I recently heard the following speakers and enjoyed them, but wanted to get some feedback on these and suggestions for others in about the $5k retail price range. I'm open to a used speaker too. Here's the list: Martin Logan Theos, Von Gaylord VG-8, Salk Veracity HT2-TL, Wilson Audio Duette (yes, I know this is dramatically more expensive, but I liked the sound). Also, wondered about the new Revel F308s.

And another issue to consider is WAF....she's HATED the look of the Revels since I first got them 13 years ago. Something a bit less monolithic would be great.

As a separate but related question, I've previewed a Karan Acoustic KA i180 MkII and thought it was great, but if I go down that route, it'll limit my speaker budget to some degree.

I'm getting confused by all the options, so I thought I'd ask for some advice to get me some clarity.


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