TELARC: Jack Renner interviewed

Jonathan Scull (Stereophile magazine): 

Kathleen (K-10) and I first met Jack Renner—Telarc's Chairman, CEO, and Chief Recording Engineer—at Iridium, a tony jazz club here in New York. He was recording Benny Golson and the Jazz Messengers doing a rousing a tribute to Art Blakey. Now what would you think a guy who's won 31 Grammys over 21 years would be doing, exactly? Maybe feet up, a cigar languidly tracing curlicues in the air while directing his minions?

Ah, no. Jack Renner was a veritable blur of activity. He checked the mikes and did sound checks while scurrying back and forth to a small office cum recording studio just behind the stage. He also found time to make sure K-10, yours truly, Noel Lee (Head Monster of Monster Cable), and his other guests were at a good table and supplied with fluids.

The Jazz Messengers—Terence Blanchard, trumpet; Curtis Fuller, trombone; Geoff Keezer, piano; Peter Washington, bass; Lewis Nash, drums—were outstanding. Mr. Golson was way deep in the groove, Lewis Nash did Art Blakey proud, and Terence, I think it was, told me he reads Stereophile! What an evening. Some time afterward, while Jack was in town for a recording session, he dropped by our loft...

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