WHAT DO YOU THINK: Is this enthusiast headed down the road to ruin here?

Currently I have a macbook (stripped of everything but the software I use to stream music with, via USB and an ultraviolet USB cable to the USB input on ny Shanling cd2.1 player. The player outputs over some very nice cables I picked up here to an Audible illusions preamp which (over bluejeans 15ft coax) go to powered martin logans.

OK, using USB prober, and confirmed by Shanling, the USB input is not asynchronous. Som being a scientist, I am about to perform the following experiment - USB, UV USB cable to a V Link USB->Coax adapter -> coax into the cd player DAC. I also have on hand a nice glass optical cable, and picked up an optical to coax converter. WIll also try this from mac to CD player's DAC.

What do you think? Is any of this going to make a difference? I am streaming from MOG so it's not terribly high quality but its ok for now. I am interested in streaming some higher quality recordings too.

Do the people who believe cables dont matter also think all of this doesnt matter too?

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