Getting back into HIFI?

I'm thinking of getting some new kit after a two year break. I have been using my laptop with all my CD's ripped and quite a few FLAC albums. This has been fed into a pair of Monitor Audio WS100 speakers and I am more than happy with this set up. I think no doubt it could be improved with new speakers. I'm not going to get a CD player as I am happy with using the laptop as a source with the idea being to stream to something of higher quality. I also have a NAS drive as backup. At the minute I'm looking at the Naim Unitiqute as a small solution. That along with a pair of cheap bookshelf speakers and I'm sure i'll be happier. Is the Qute what I'm looking for or can I get better for my money? Spend would be £1k. Any advice would be welcome.

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