Ask Mr. H: Is it this sort of pointless navel-gazing that makes the audiophile community looks like such sad old geezers in the eye (and ears) of the i-pod generation?

No wonder Steve Jobs laughed all the way to the bank as the remnants of this once great British industry cling to the wreckage of nostalgia. Re the next chapter in the industry suicide note HERE

The question that started the thread is not the issue. The issue is the sanctimonious clap-trap masquerading as rational thought, all cloaked in the veneer of psychobabble. Yes of course everyone is entitled to an opinion. However what sticks in my craw is the shoddy thinking expressed as outright fact. Here is one example:

“Your system is good at PR&T, certainly better than most including some Naim but there is more to come”

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