Equipment progression – fact or illusion?

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The thread starts as follows: "I was wondering how far we have really advanced in terms of equipment design, for example how much difference is there between a cost no object Turntable for the 70s or 80s to now, Have we truly progressed or is mostly just better packaging.

I can see over the last 5 years computer audio has taken off, so this is one area, but is a top rate Transport and DAC of yesterday better than a top rate computer based audio system. I do know in terms of performance and value a good DAC with some form of hard drive and server is capable of sounding pretty good to my ears.

I think one of the biggest changes is our understanding of how to get the best of Vintage equipment. By upgrading crossovers its possible to get Monitor Golds competing with some of the very best speakers in the world. In the past Open Baffles had issues with the bass but now people understand how to overcome these issues and also have a very high performance to cost ratio.. Turntables like the 1210 and GL75 can be modified to perform at very high levels of performance. So have we truly developed over the last 30 years"


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