Digital – is it only for dullards?

I have an itunes based 2nd system comprising macbook, itunes files (mp4 rips of my CDs) on an external hard drive, DAC, amp, speakers. Where this plays, there is no internet, wifi etc. Daughter in a bit of a scrape so she's getting the macbook, plus I no longer need any type of laptop. That leaves me all the above except the macbook.

So, what is the 'thing' that I need to buy to play my itunes files through my DAC? I imagine it's something like the Naim NDX or Linn thingie but there must be cheaper 'things' on the market. Ashamed to say I don't know what they are. Any pointers as to what I should be looking at, please (or is it another laptop?). Thanks for reading.  Mick


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