200 hour review nonsense

Just read (scanned) the Australian review of the new Rega dac in the trade + reviews section.

The chap makes mention of things improving significantly after 200 hours playing time. Now, this is something that gets bandied a LOT in reviews and it's generally around the 200 hour mark that is the norm for apparent break in.

This time, however, I actually really thought about it. With my current domestic situation (brand new baby) I can get about 2 hours a week if I'm lucky. Prior to this I managed about an hour every two days.

How the hell is any sane, normal person who works for a living supposed to reach the magical 200 hour mark?

Who the hell diligently sits in front of their system for 200 hours waiting to have fun?

How many of these reviewers *actually* do that, and how many just bandy the phrase because it's common review parlance nowadays?

Even letting it run on silent for over a week continuously without a break seems completely unworkable in the modern family household. My wife would go ballistic if eg my new acquisition was left on continuously for 8-9 days.

And who is gullible enough to believe this is actually worthwhile in the first place?

What nonsense.

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