PREOWNED: Austerity and 2nd hand hi-fi

I have noticed comments posted on this and other forums with regards to surprise as to why some items haven't sold. I have just been looking at an item for sale in private exhibitions which (thank heavens) has now sold in the form of an Ortofon 2M black. I have an item for sale myself and had no interest whatsoever. I put it down to the fact that people are being very cautious at the present instead of having a punt at things. Austerity has hit everyone and it is evident here. At one time items like the one i have for sale would have sold in a heartbeat.

I have noticed a few must have items on a few forums not even receiving a comment. This baffles me as i think that there has never been a better time to buy things that will far out perform things in the budget to mid range of manufacturerers product lines for a lot less money. I think like most other things austerity has hit the hub of the hi-fi community, the folks trading their 2nd hand equipment that are usually an absolute steal.

It has always been the case that most audiophiles/hi-fi enthusiasts could always find spare cash to spend on their beloved past time one way or another, though i am afraid that with the exception of the few many people will be spending their hi-fi cash on groceries. I am surprised that there aren't as many bargains to be had from Greece! Despite the austerity and the effect it's had on people's disposable income, hi-fi is still a great hobby and still the best way of enjoying music in the home environment. Power to the people!