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Paul McGowan: With all the great power products on the market today it’s easy to forget that we still benefit from the basics – like dedicated power lines. A dedicated power line is simply a separate power circuit and wire dedicated specifically to your audio system.  The key point is that nothing else is on that same circuit.

Even the most sophisticated power products like a Power Plant benefit from a dedicated circuit if for no other reason than ground contamination.  You don’t want a computer, for example, sharing the same power and ground on the same power line as your hi-fi system.

One easy way to get a dedicated line without involving an electrician is to simply dedicate one existing circuit in your home to the hi-fi system.  Figure out what else is plugged in by turning off the circuit breaker, move everything not hi-fi related to another circuit, then use those small child safety protectors to cover up any empty outlets.

You don’t need fancy wires or installation experts.  You just need to make sure nothing else is using the power on one circuit.

I always think of it as putting up a fence so my “neighbors” don’t invade and keep my area clean and pure.

Like they say, “a good fence makes for great neighbors”.

Keep your power line for yourself.


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