What to do after death of favoured CD player?

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Neil McCauley / HFA editor in chief


Okay, imaging say that your Meridian CD player is dead. Have tried fixing, swapped out transport, even used local repair man. No parts; it’s dead… Loved your CD player… Can’t see the point in buying another quality CD unit so must look at this modern hard drive stuff. From what you understand a Squeezebox Touch and DAC would be a good quality option. So why not just buy a cheap laptop? Plenty of drive space, easy to rip CDs, easy control and search options, internet accessible music and radio. Cheap laptop and DAC?? Is this too simple? Will the quality of sound be at least as good as a Meridian? What do you think?

One thought on “What to do after death of favoured CD player?

  1. I m in this exact spot at the moment. Not sure which way to jump. Tempted to stick to what I know with a cd but the idea of all my music being at my finger tips is tempting.

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