EQUIPMENT LEASING: A good idea or what?


From 2014 but still worth reading. write ....

I've been working a lot with my mother in Philadelphia lately. Her husband, an audiophile of sorts, died in 2011. Even though he was a financial planner, it turns out his plan was to die broke and leave my mom in less than an excellent spot. We've been able to turn things around for her, as she has a good teacher's pension and has the remainder of my stepfather's pension to make for a comfortable monthly income.

We sold the 3,900-square-foot family house in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia and moved Mom into something more manageable and affordable in a close suburb. The latest challenge is getting her a new car. Up until now, she has only had one new car in her entire life, and that was a bone-stock 1984 Honda Accord that she bought for herself when she was the director of public relations at a major Philadelphia hospital. Now she's cruising in a 15-year-old Ford Taurus that's rocking over 160,000 miles, and it is time for a new G-ride, as the kids call it.

While Mom was in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, we went to the local Mercedes dealer and .....

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