NINA SIMONE: What happened ?

Oscar® nominated documentary “What Happened, Miss Simone?” is the story of Nina Simone’s life and career. Through archive interview and extensive performance footage, alongside new interviews with family, friends and colleagues, it paints a fascinating portrait of this complex and challenging artist. Nina Simone was many things: pianist, singer, songwriter, performer, civil rights campaigner, wife and mother, victim of abuse and black icon.

Growing up in the segregated American South, she began to learn piano at age 4, attended the Juilliard School Of Music in New York and aspired to a career as a concert pianist. Thwarted in this, allegedly because of her colour, she began to play in nightclubs to earn money and her career as a jazz and blues performer was born.

The film follows Nina Simone through the sixties and her intense involvement in the civil rights movement, her decision to relocate to first Africa and then Europe in the early seventies, her diagnosis with bipolar disorder in the eighties and her later years in France in the nineties. “What Happened, Miss Simone?” is a captivating film about an extraordinary and influential artist who will continue to be revered for generations to come.



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