In 2010, 19-time Grammy Award winner Pat Metheny took his musical exploration to a new territory with his Orchestrion, a computer controlled mini-orchestra capable of responding to his touch on guitar. After releasing the Orchestrion record, Metheny and his ‘band’ hit the road, playing over 100 concerts around the world, culminating with the recording of ‘TheOrchestrion Project’ in Brooklyn, NY. This recording showcases the full evolution of the Orchestrion as documented at the tailend of a sprawling world tour.

The double-disc set features all fivesections of Orchestrion plus eight additional Metheny compositions re-imagined with the Orchestrion.

CD1) 1 Improvisation #1, 2 Antonia, 3 Entry Point, 4 Expansion, 5 Improvisation #2, 6 80/81-Broadway Blues,7 Orchestrion,

CD2) 1 Soul Search, 2 Spirit of the Air, 3 Stranger in Town, 4 Sueño con Mexico, 5 Tell Her You Saw Me, 6 Unity Village,