CHRISTINE McVIE: Eulogy by Mick Fleetwood


Mick Fleetwood has shared the eulogy he wrote for Christine McVie, following her memorial service that took place on Monday (9 January).

The service saw the remaining band members and Fleetwood Mac’s “extended family” gather to celebrate McVie, who died on 30 November after a “short illness”. 

On 12 January, Fleetwood posted to Instagram sharing the eulogy that he delivered at the service in Little Beach House in Malibu, California.

“This is what I presented on Monday 9 January, 2023 at the Celebration of Life for Christine McVie in Malibu,” he wrote in the typed document shared online.

Reflecting on the service, he wrote: “It was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman and an incredible talent.”

“Part of my heart has flown away today, I will miss everything about you,” said Fleetwood in the first part of the tribute, which he wrote on the day she died.

Further on the eulogy, he said: “When we first learned that we might be losing Christine, there was an immediate coming together of everyone in the band and the Fleetwood Mac family with the hope and possibility that we would not lose Chris.”

“And now, since the loss of Christine, we are all still trying to come to terms with the fact she has really flown away,” he wrote.

“I think she would have been truly amazed at all the attention and celebrations of her music around the world and in total disbelief at the fact they were closing down sporting events to pay tribute to her. But that was our Christine – she was a North country girl from beginning to end, never caring about the fluff,” read the eulogy.

“Again, it was our Christine who gifted so much to millions around the world. She is being remembered Everywhere. Just as her song says, ‘I want to be with you everywhere,‘ and she is.”

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