OKAY, OKAY: Who is the best guitarist that you know of … that not many others have heard?

Larry Starstruck writes ...

I am going to name some that I don’t feel are as well known as they should be. I will cross genres on this one.

  1. Roy Buchanan: This was truly one of the most underrated blues guitarist. He will always be a personal favorite of mine.

2. Al DiMeola: This guy did a music that is a fusion of latin and jazz ideas. His acoustic and electric work is incredible.

3. Larry Carlton: One of the greatest jazz and session players of all time. His stuff with Steely Dan was legendary.

4. Reggie Young: This guy was more known around Nashville. He played sessions for guys like Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard to name a few. This solo below on “I think I’ll just stay here and drink” is incredible for any genre.

5. Tinsley Ellis: This is a very fiery blues rock guitarist.

6. Walter Trout: He seems to get lost in the mix with blues player but this is a guy I listen to and hear Jimi Hendrix’s influence on.

7. Gary Moore: I think this guy was lost with the public but not with guitar players. He was proficient in metal and blues. He was the last lead guitarist of Thin Lizzy.

8. Uli Jon Roth: Another metal guy that gets lost. The clip below is an acoustic performance. He was the original lead guitarist for the Scorpions.

9. Steve Morse: This guy did sessions. He lead the Dixie Dregs and is the current lead guitarist of Deep Purple. He is one of the most versatile players I have heard.

10. Paco Pena: He often gets lost in the conversation on flamenco players. Most associate the genre with Jose Feliciano and Charo. This piece below is incredible.

11. Kaki King: She is often a favorite acoustic player in magazines like Guitar Player. I am impressed with her use of the guitar body for percussion as well as her guitar playing.

12. Adrian Legg: This acoustic player had an unusual technique. It is not on display here but he could fool with the tuning keys mid song,

13. Merle Travis; This guy’s influence on country guitar playing is not stated enough. In fact, alot of early country music was based on Travis picking. This instrumental is one of his signature songs.

I could go on and on but I hope I left a decent list crossing genres.

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