BACH: The viability of his music played on OTHER instruments

Goodness where do you start! Loved the banjo BTW (I just bought a five string banjo and am enjoying it immensely though playing bluegrass and pete seger on it not Bach. Wonder if the tablature is available?


Anthony Lawrence King's 'Secrets of the semitones' perhaps the finest performance I can think of of the D Minor Chaconne along with many other real gems. I take this over screechy violins any day.

The Gaede Trio's version of the Goldbergs very insightful, especially when you go back to play it at the keyboard

Stokowski's Tocatta and Fugue in D minor for orchestra - nuff said, still sparkling

Walter/Wendy Carlos electronic Brandenburgs (shockingly daring at the time but debased since by 40 years of call centre holding music)

And of course the many versions of the Goldbergs and 48 for piano .... generally a successful translation to the 'wrong' instrument!

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