VANILLA FUDGE: Who, what and when?


Huge, tough, heavy rock band in the late sixties with some of the best musicians in the business.

Tim Bogert, bass guitar and vocals

Vince Martell lead guitar and vocals

Mark Stein Hammond organ and vocals

Carmine Appice drum and vocals.

Their sound was big; thunderous drums, the wailing Hammond organ, Bogert’s unbelievable bass and Martell’s raging guitar.

Their songs were like mini rock operas.

Keep Me Hanging On, Take Me For a Little While, and Shotgun were their biggest hits.

These guys were phenomenal and my band did these three numbers. Our keyboard player had the big Hammond organ with Leslie speakers. We also had the powerful Marshall amps. We had the biggest light show in the city and had made an unbelievable strobe light that we encased in a large TV box. The speed of the strobe could be sped up or slowed. The light show worked great with Vanilla Fudge numbers.

Bogert and Appice would later form an unbelievable threesome with Jeff Beck and Appice would later supply his heavy beat on the drums with Rod Stewart’s band. Keyboard player Stein would later tour with Alice Cooper.

Tim Bogert, one of the best bass players in the rock world, sadly passed away in January, 2021.

Below, the current version of tthe Vanilla Fudge playing You Keep Me Hanging On. Pete Bremy is on bass

Carmine is one of my favourite drummers, and not mentioned as much as he should be. Just watch the way this guy drums, like he was born behind the kit. I learned a lot from Carmine especially the hi hat barks he played with Beck Bogert and Appice.

Never could twirl the damn sticks though no matter how much my older sisters tried to teach me with their batons. Appice makes it look so easy.

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