TURNTABLES: Are there decent ones for £100? Is this possible?

OK folks, a ladyfriend of ours wants to buy her hubby a turntable BUT sadly ONLY wants to spend £100. My dear wife pointed out that I was a bit of a hifi nerd(misguided!) so thought I could sort things out for her(?)

I've tried the "oh, you can't get anything for £100, BUT Richer Sounds do the ProJect Elemental for £159.." and have been promptly made aware it's too far overbudget...! An extra £20 or so ok but £60 too much... HELP!

Is this a thankless task? Are the vintage Dual CS505's, Sansui SR222's etc. on Ebay a load of overpriced junk/high risk. I know you all have fond memories from your early Vinyl years but surely they are now outclassed by the circa £100 Sony/Denon/Pioneer brand new items? Am I being a hifi snob?

I think he has a vintage kenwood receiver and a pair of wharfedale diamonds. I assume the Kenwood has a phono input as he is currently using a £16 Ebay turntable on it (some random lump of plastic).
Sorry I've been stitched up here so thought I would share the pain and see if you lot could find some way to minimise his inevitable birthday disappointment...suggestions please..what would you do?

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