PRINCIPAL DESIGN: PD150 speakers, Dr Penfold and possiblity of clones of Linn Sara speakers. Part #2 of 2


I have toyed with the idea of making a few sets and selling them. Any info would be appreciated

As for building a few sets of your own, well great – if you want to expose yourself to heartache, deceit, moral corruption from some hi-fi mags, sniping from self-appointed know-it-all ‘experts’ on some forums, sub-contractors who’ll not quite deliver on their promise - ever, driver makers who’ll treat you with contempt while taking your money, and more?

Do you really want all that?

What, really?

And on top of that, any love, by which I mean real love of music will in this dying and merciless ‘industry’ be beaten out of you.

Embark on being an audiophile entrepreneur and the likelihood is that you’ll sooner or later only be able to listen to music to check your designs are in-phase or out of phase. Peer group pressure will cause you to embrace the sheer diversionary nonsense of PRaT and sadly your hitherto appreciation of the wonder and joy of any music will irreversible be submerged by the imperative to check that your designs produce everything that true music isn’t.

Save your money.

Spend it on downloads, CDs, vinyl or whatever. If it were my money (rather than yours), given all that I have known, experienced first-hand and observed during 37 years in an industry littered with the broken dreams of decent folk, I’d give the money to charity. You’ll get more personal satisfaction in so doing. Truly.

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