BEATLES: Why did the Beatles never write a Christmas song?

Alex Johnston, Bass & guitar, BA Hons in music theory, tech and musicology writes:

Oh, but they did.

Did they ever.

You know the persistent rumour that there are unreleased Beatles tracks which are so crazy-ass off-the-wall that the band won’t let them be released?

And that these tracks have been rumoured to be, at various times, ‘What’s the New Mary Jane?’, until that track was actually released in the 90s and turned out to be a pointless Lennon ditty with an underwhelming freakout at the end?

Or ‘Carnival of Light’, which we know was just fifteen minutes of the Beatles inexpertly bashing instruments, but which is so storied that people actually do fake versions of it for YouTube?

Well, none of those are the really crazy stuff.

Oh, but they did.

Well, none of those are the really crazy stuff.


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