LENNON / GEORGE MARTIN: Did GM produce any solo work by John Lennon? If not, do we know why?


No he did not. John was wrongly quite dismissive of George Martin’s contributions towards the end of the ‘60s, contrary to his original appreciation of him.

John was always a one or two take musician, unlike Paul who strived for perfection, unfortunately on some really poor songs he should never have recorded, or asked the other 3 to participate.

Don’t forget that John was heavily into drugs from 1967 onward and the quality decline in his music clearly reflects that. George Martin couldn’t get through to John at that stage, as he clearly did with Paul, George and Ringo. John made many trite and negative comments about George Martin which hurt George Martin greatly.

Interestingly Paul was the only Beatle to use George as a producer again but after a decade or so had passed. All the Beatles tried some new producers and/or mostly produced their own records, or produced albums by other artist.

If the 3 songwriting Beatles were that good, they must have learned their production techniques from somebody uniquely gifted…that person being Sir George Martin.

Just another example of John originally being the strong leader and driving force, later succumbing to his weaknesses and screwing up the whole thing. The more I look back beyond the music, the angrier I get at Lennon. Just my feelings.

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