MARANTZ: TT-1000 – tweaks that work?

I read that Howard Popeck once owned a Marantz TT-1000 Mk1. I have one too. It is lovely turntable. Original and unmodified. I think my TT-1000 plays very good but I wishes to do some tweak to make it play better. Do you have advice on this matter? I use a SME 3009 Improved and an Audio Technica AT 1010 on the Marantz. I also read that it was for a while in HP’s reference system? If so then he must have thought it to be a very good turntable.

Yes, it was and no doubt still is a very good turntable. It certainly compared well in sonic terms to every modern high end turntable I’d owned or borrowed at the time. Costing four times as much as a Linn LP12 when it first came out, it's an expensive device and durable too. To me it seemed to be a heavily tweaked Micro Seiki. This is helpful because they're fairly straightforward to rebuild (as high end Japanese direct drives go)!

I can’t comment on tweaks as I don’t have any direct experience. Rather than speculate, I recommend you contact by Richard Peachey of Vantage Audio of Taunton 0845 4294643).

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