FAILED FOLLOW-UPS: What is a band that had a brilliant first album and a shockingly bad second album?

Timm Davison, studied Media Communication at University of Washington (2017)Answered Dec 24

In the past, lots of bands had what could be considered ‘bad’ second albums - and this was due as much to the way bands got signed, and what was expected of them in the ‘old’ (pre-internet) recording industry.

In the ‘old’ system, bands paid their dues by playing live and writing original music, often to only a few people. Eventually, they acquire a following, an A&R rep recognizes their talent, and signs them. The band goes into the studio to record songs they, for the most part, already know inside and out because they’ve been playing them live for years. So, first album is recorded quickly, it oftentimes contains tunes that are already audience tested, and is indicative of the group’s sound.

Now, record label wants band to go on tour to promote this album to a wider audience. So far, so good. However, band is now on the road 24/7 and has no time to write songs anywhere other than hotel rooms or tour busses. Band also .....

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