From the archives: Twang twang: “Woke up this mornin’ and ….” (should be sung is adown-home blues wailin’ voice) – writes Howard Popeck #00

From long ago ....

So anyway, I woke up this morning and decided in one nano-second or less that it was no longer fun running simply-STAX and Listen Carefully. So I have decided to close both of them down with immediate effect.

Impulse? Well – probably. But then again, it might have been bubbling away in my sub-concious for a while. Not sure really. Probably unimportant anyway.

Both of these companies were and remain financially solvent. All the creditors will have been paid by the end of this week and by Friday of next week everyone awaiting equipment will have received it. Nice ‘n clean. Or tidy. Or something like that.

The point was though, purely and simply it was no longer enjoyable. I have decided to bow out gracefully at my peak. Why limp on when the commitment wasn’t what it used to be? Right?

Not only this, but declining reliability with the Omega earspeakers and the 717 energisers (my 2 best sellers) was becoming a headache for my customers and for me too. Towards the end, it was getting worse. Probably the final straw was the fact that brand new factory-fresh STAX earspeakers could be purchased direct from reputable US retailers in some cases for hundred of pounds less than the UK RRP for the identical units. simply-STAX was moving away from being a commercial proposition towards being an unrewarded vocation. It stopped making sense. Also there are many other distractions which are increasingly attractive to me – and which I could spend my remaining years more happily.

These include struggling to get a decent sound out of my Epiphone EB3 bass, (nothing to do with the bass, but a lot to do with my mediocre ability!) getting past the basics of Photoshop, taking time to listen to the blackbirds singing in my garden without feeling guilty, learning more about Remote Viewing, exploring my potential with Krav Maga, and immersing myself in the extraordinary experience of Lucid Dreaming, trying to become a reasonable cook, getting fit – and loads more.

Apart from anything else, so many people have been advising me to “get a life" that, well, I can no longer ignore them. Curiously though, all the best lives for sale on eBay seem to have gone. Odd that. Anyway …

Having said all this, I very much love editing and driving this online blog. Well, it’s not really a blog now. Not really. It’s more of a bulletin board. And because I am very far from bored with it, having decided to reduce the audio content and to ramp up the music content I'm going to continue with it.

So, it’s not goodbye. Merely au revoir – or something like that.



This image is entitled ‘Dusk’. Quite appropriate I feel. Pity I didn’t take the shot though.

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