LINN: There’s another side to Mr. Ivor S Tiefenbrun MBE

Howard Popeck writes: For those interested in the trivial minutia of audiophile politics, the ‘turntable wars’ and so on it’s no secret that Mr. T and I have rarely seen eye to eye. Nevertheless from time to time I am reminded of the fact that behind the joy and wonder of music – which on more than one occasion has saved my life – there are intrusions which render all other matters into a fresh, albeit uncomfortable perspective.

As Mr. T writes; “Like almost everyone else who is fortunate enough to be able to take their health for granted …..

This morning I read his article about ‘Seeking the Cure for Crohn’s and Colitis. He is intimately involved, in every sense of the word, with this dreadful ailment. You can read the full text at

Reading this was a humbling experience; all the more so when he revealed a situation, graphically described and yet without an iota of self-pity. His ‘journey’ is remarkable and the text moved me.

I'm not here to eulogize ‘That damn man from Linn’ but rather to draw your attention to a compelling real-life short story, superbly written by a person who clearly is more than the one-dimensional image that is more usually associated with him, certainly by me and others too I suspect.

Do please take a look and like me ponder on the irony of the pain endured by a man who through his products has brought so much entertainment to others. One further extract:

"I built and ran a sound, profitable and financially conservative business until I got IBD. Contracting this horrible cyclic and recurring disease taught me about an aspect of life and business I never expected and hoped never to experience. I learned a lot about myself, people, life and illness. I am now a much wiser man."

Thank you

Howard Popeck

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