LINN: The LP12 and eBay?

Hi Howard. I know you won’t represent Linn, even though you did. However … I am thinking of buying a used Linn LP12. There are loads on eBay and quite a few of, but none of the Linn dealers I contacted have any for sale. What’s going on?

Linn dealers in the main are a very focused bunch. Some would call it narrowed minded or blinkered, but I can’t comment. In any event though they are passionate about the make and their products. Whether or not they would admit that there are turntables that provide a more musically satisfying sound – let alone have the balls to stock them – is open to debate.

Here’s the consequence as I see it. The LP12 owner returns to his/her dealer or any other Linn dealer for that matter and it is highly likely that there won’t be an opportunity to audition an alternative in or above the price band – as the dealer doesn’t stock any. There are no Linn dealers that stock the Brinkmann for example – the deck that increasing numbers of users and reviewers feel is the current reference standard for sheer musical enjoyment. That alone should indicate something.

Anyway….. the inquisitive and back-sliding’ owner is thus obliged to either retain what they have or look outside of the majority of the Linn network for an alternative and/or improvement. Consequently no LP12 is traded in and so the Linn dealer has no used LP12 to sell.

My advice would be to look on eBay or the other used sites and never ever buy the unit unseen and unheard. There are as you say “loads” to choose from – so select a few to visit that are within a reasonable travelling distance of you. The LP12 complete with arm and cartridge is in my experience an absolute no-no for mail order. If you can’t collect it, then don’t even consider buying. Also do bear in mind that the deck, platter and so on need to be dissembled before transportation. This is not something to have bouncing around in the boot of your car.

Howard Popeck

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