WELL, DO THEY? 10 songs that might represent modern Britain?

BBC Radio 2 has chosen these 10 songs as 'the soundtrack to British culture' - from Dame Vera Lynn to Amy Winehouse and The Shamen. One is a wartime classic sung by a Forces Sweetheart. The other is an anthem to addiction and wasted talent.According to BBC Radio 2, We’ll Meet Again by Dame Vera Lynn and Rehab by Amy Winehouse are two of the songs that best represent modern Britain.

They are among a list of tracks chosen by the station as “the soundtrack to British culture”, charting our journey from the Second World War to the present day.

They form part of a new landmark series, The People’s Songs, which will be broadcast next year and aims to tell the story of Britain in 50 records.

The series will not be a “dry, academic rock history”, according to the presenter, Stuart Maconie, nor will it be chronological. Instead, it will focus on the cultural importance of the songs, chosen by a panel of BBC experts.


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One thought on “WELL, DO THEY? 10 songs that might represent modern Britain?

  1. Er… experts at what, and according to whom?
    Give them the same task a few weeks later and they’ll come up with another list, just like I would.
    Useful as a theme for an entertaining radio series but that’s all.
    Stuart Maconie is a good presenter and the series will probably be good as well.
    Just so long as there aren’t too many experts claiming to know what it was all about “really”.
    I’m quite cheerful by nature, honest.

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