REGA: Latest EBLT drive belt is now available

"Setting a new standard in drive belt technology"

They say ...

Advanced EBLT Drive belt

We are pleased to announce that all of the current range of turntable models will now be fitted with the very latest Rega Advanced EBLT drive belt as standard. Originally reserved for our high end models, Rega has invested heavily in new tooling and R&D to allow us to manufacture higher quantities. The good news is this new Advanced EBLT drive belt is now available to purchase as an upgrade over the previous drive belt from any Rega dealer.

The EBLT drive belt is suitable for all Rega turntable models (except the original Planet model from the early 70’s).

REFERENCE UPGRADE drive belt coming soon.

Our continued development work over the past five years has allowed us to work with some fantastic experts in the field of rubber, some exceptionally talented chemists and class leading tool manufacturers. This work resulted in the Advanced EBLT becoming the new standard. However, through this work we have now developed a new reference level belt that will be introduced on the Planar 8 and Planar 10 models in production.

This ‘reference’ belt will soon be available as a spare part and is recommended for our higher performance models.

After many years of R&D we are confident we are bringing you the most accurate drive belts ever produced which will deliver greater accuracy, improved speed stability and a longer lifespan than the previous polychloroprene belts.

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