HELIUS: Their new Viridia turntable does well at the Newport show

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Robert Harley (The Absolute Sound) writes ....

British turntable and tonearm maker Helius Designs added a second turntable to its line, the upscale Viridia. Based on the company’s Alexia ‘table, the Viridia features the same double-wishbone suspension but adds a magnetic bearing, new platter mat and clamp, magnetically suspended motor, and a laser-controlled rotational servo.

This latter feature is implemented with a tachometer wheel on the platter bottom, flanked by a laser on one side and a photodetector on the other. The overall design goal is to eliminate vibration from within the turntable as well as from outside the ’table. Price: $6500 without arm. The Viridia was demonstrated with the top-of-the-line Helius Omega Silver Ruby tonearm ($5225) and E.A.R. electronics driving Marten speakers, all courtesy of distributor Dan Meinwald