MAPLENOLL: What happened?

Freddy Benson writes ...

USA based company founded by production engineer and ex-fighter pilot Bob Dilger in the early 80's when he agreed to take over a tiny division of the Coloney contracting company that manufactured an high end turntable/arm in exchange for consulting work he had done for them. Mr. Dilger simplified the design of the table, lowered the price and sold it direct to consumers with some success, and through the 80's and into the early 90' manufactured developed various versions of the table but disappeared without a trace around 1994. But not without a legacy, one of the developers that joined the company in the latter half of the 80's was Pierre Sprey later of Omega Micro fame and one of the main distributors of the company in the 90's was Lloyd Walker of Walker Audio who manufacture a table with an obvious lineage from the Maplenoll design.

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