Dear Howard Popeck … (VPI versus CD)

Hi Howard.

Well thanks for the kind words not to sure how I have done that.

Here are some of the things I really enjoy about the site; it’s relaxed and open nature. It’s aimed at people who enjoy music first and foremost and has none of that petty minded personality clashes which often are part of forums. I enjoy catch of the day even though I never bought one of the items; but who knows what the future holds. I enjoy the occasional Hi-Fi review.

I just got a VPI HWK 5 turntable with a samo motor and tnt platter. The sound is awesome; makes it hard to go back to my CD player. It just makes music so real and guess for me that is what it’s all about. I am still working on the Lenco but can not see it coming up to this standard I kind of doing it to understand how everything works. Going to Holland at Easter for a music festival see one of my favourite bands they are some of the nicest guys you could wish to meet.


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