JAPANESE SERIOUS LOUDSPEAKERS: Apart from the Yamaha NS1000? How about the NS2000?

Gentlemen; other than the Yamaha NS1000, have the Japanese every built credible loudspeakers?

I guess you are speaking historically, right? Well, yes, they did. Sony in fact. In the very early 1980s they released the SSG1 Series 2. It wasn't cheap. Around £200 from memory, which was a small fortune then. However ...

This isn’t quite the whole story. They came out under the Sony brand name, but they were designed in Europe (Germany I seems to recall), probably by designers with a strong European sense of sonics and again from memory, used non Japanese drivers. SEAS I think. In essence then, a European loudspeaker tuned to European ideals ‘merely’ under a global Japanese-brand name. Not really a Japanese loudspeaker then.

Other than that, no I can’t think of anything historically from that country to rival the Yamaha NS1000. I had one of only 3 pairs on NS2000 ever imported. This was an NS1000 but with a 15” bass driver. It just wasn’t as good.

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