MARK LEVINSON: № 5105 Turntable @ Audiophilia

"How old were you the first time you saw a turntable? The first time you observed its shape and sleek contours, the fragile nature of the tonearm, a hovering artifact slowly resting on the vinyl grooves. For me, it was a long time ago, and, in the decades in between, my attention turned away from turntables. Perhaps the zeitgeist, CDs, YouTube and streaming are at fault. For whatever reason, I’ve been disconnected from the beautiful machines that amazed me as a child.

The first time I listened to one was when I was four years old. An old big Yamaha (I think it was a Yamaha) Stereo cabinet. An all-in-one toy for adults in the early eighties that came with dual cassette players, radio, little black wheels for feet and a turntable on top. 

I had little experience with this first turntable, for all my interest with this ‘spinning plate machine’ (what I called it as a kid), life ...."


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