LAT Power distribution strips


The idea that a power distribution strip, even a heavily built one like the LAT can make a difference to the sound, let alone an improvement is ridiculous. Where’s the science behind the claims?

LAT power distribution block have in my experience always made a positive difference. The degree of improvement, in terms of background quietness and dynamics is of course a variable depending on the circumstances. There is no substitute – not even LAT power distribution block – for a dedicated mains spur into your listening room. I have a dedicated spur. Nevertheless the use of my LAT distribution block has provided worthwhile improvements.

In a room without a dedicated mains spur, the improvements can be astonishing. I'm so confident, that I offer a 28-day no-questions-asked full 100% refund for anyone in the UK who isn’t sufficiently impressed.

The back story …

In 2006 I was called in by an importer. His retailer had relieved a customer of over £75,000 for a system. According to the importer, the system sounded good, but no better than one of say £15k. The importer’s concern was threefold.

First, it was his imported amplification, and it was not properly representing what could or should have been achieved. Secondly, the importer’s retailer was, he thought, incapable of elevating the quality of the overall sound and finally the importer rarely felt comfortable dealing face-to-face with end-users.

So I visited, with a few CDs and a couple of records. The system’s performance was as described by the importer. in all aspects, I’d have valued the system at even less than the importer’s estimate of £15k. I’ve owned systems at £7k that were more musically satisfying. All of the makes had an excellent pedigree.

It was just that the amplification was wrong for the speakers, and vice versa. The signal sources were pretty much neutral..

Each item was powered through massively expensive power cords running through some sort of anonymous mains filtering unit supplied by someone who, in the context of the end-user’s system really should have known better. But there was a profit for him in it so ….

I lent the person an LAT 8-way distribution block with instructions that he plug one end into the only remaining 13amp wall socket and then reconnect everything, and then listen. Which he did.

The end-user was overjoyed. I went to listen. The transformation was frankly extraordinary. The dynamic potential of the system was partly but noticeably improved and bass speed, attack and tautness were significantly more substantial. All this for an outlay of just under £300, representing just 0.4% of the total outlay.

I won't over-promise and under-deliver!

To date, I have never experienced such an improvement as I did there. There were a combination of factors at work which helped elevate the improvement above the norm. the LAT block did a superb job, but bypassing the so-called audiophile mains filtering unit was a contributory factor too.

A paradox?

The point is though, the introduction of an LAT distribution block is both unpredictable and predictable. The predictability is that based on my direct personal experiences and those of my customers, the introduction of an LAT mains block ALWAYS leads to a sonic improvement. The unpredictability is the degree of improvement obtained. Hence my 14-day money back guarantee.

Bringing you up to date:

I can supply the following options:

4-way, 6-way and 8-way blocks with UK sockets with internally upgraded re-wiring using LAT AC-2 MkII cable. Prices on request at 0208 369 6047

But can you go further?

There are a group of enthusiasts who take the view, rightly or wrongly that the minimum number of fuses in the power chain is the way to go. They take the view that fuses are the weak link. I don’t have a view on this, but that’s what some people think. They argue that as there is a fuse in the 13am plug that powers the block, and a fuse in every power cord that goes between the block and the item of equipment plus (no doubt) internal fuses in the equipment itself, at least those with CE approval, then reducing fuses to a minimum is desirable.

The only legal and safe way I can envisage this taking place is to use an LAT distribution block that has Schuko (European) plug sockets. This means you can use power cords with Schuko mains plugs at one end. As Schuko plugs do not have fuses, then one fuse in each chain has been removed.

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