Gem Dandy’s PolyTable Signature And Sorane TA-1L Tonearm – Michael Fremmer discusses

With all due respect to Gem Dandy’s new PolyTable Signature “layer cake” of a “two tiered” turntable, the bigger news here is the Sorane TA-1L tonearm George Merrill chose to package with his new turntable. Why is the Sorane news? Because it’s the possible successor to now defunct Jelco. But first, the new $2995 (not including arm) turntable, which, for sure, is also news.

Mr. Merrill says he’s spent his life “…designing for the person that has an enduring passion for music but cannot spend the cost of their car for a turntable.” Anyone familiar with Merrill’s turntable designing history, beginning in the 1970’s with his Acoustic Research mods and later his Merrill-Scillia ‘tables knows that for decades he’s worked to ....


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