Old*”Hi End” Vs. New “Low End”

A thread from a while back. we checked it this morning and there are a few worthwhile comments we feel - so worth dipping into.

Hi guys,

Being a bit more into hifi stuff latelly, and now seeking to update all my system, would like to know your opinion on this..Would an old "high end" av amp like the arcam avr350 or a primare spa21 (buth suposed to be very good in stereo also) be better in sonic performances than a recently low end stereo like marantz pm60?

Asking that because i would like to change my pm6004 to an av receiver, not losing in stereo performance, and not having to sell my car for it either
I will  actually use it for 65% stere o, and 35% for sky box + films. Any opinion will be higly appreciate.Thanks

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