TANGENT RS4: A simple way to avoid destruction

Hello Howard, I have just found your article on the Tangent RS4’s in Hi Fi Answers . I’ve just been given a pair and wondered if I could use them as auxillary monitors on our PA using a Mackie DL 806 mixer ? If so what type are the jacks needed at the back of the speakers (I’m fairly new to all this so don’t recognize them! ) Also what is the max power of the amp needed for these speakers? Any help greatly appreciated

If it were my money, I wouldn’t.

Any incautious use of the mixer controls or a malfunction might inflict terminal damage to one or more drivers and/or crossover components. Original replacement drivers might be impossible to find. Even new, these speakers were not very robust. They were reliable but …. components deteriorate over the years. Use them in a domestic system and marvel at how something so ancient (in hifi terms) can sound so good!

Hope this helps, and thank you for contacting us.

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