SEQUERRA: Their loudspeakers in the UK: fact or fiction?

Hello Neil. Thanking you in advance even if you cannot help. Were Sequerra loudspeakers ever officially imported into the UK? Were they any good. What was the range and what was the price please? Finally were these designed by the same guy who designed that fantastic FM tuner? JJ

Hi JJ. The word ‘imported’ can be confusing in this context. Certainly in 1990 the Sequerra speaker range featured in promotional material from the then Mark Levinson importer Path Premier. Whether or not models actually arrived on these shores by that route is unclear. Somehow I doubt it.

Even today it’s not uncommon apparently for importers to claim they are the official importers but for the brand not to appear; this being for various reasons beyond the scope of this answer.

Were they any good? No one here in the office has had any direct personal experience with these so we don’t know. That said, Mr. Sequerra certainly knew what a good sound was and it seems highly likely that given the pedigree of his esteemed FM tuner then it’s likely they sounding fantastic.

There were three components that made up the full system:

  1. Metronome MET 7 Mk2 was a 2-way speakers system at £695
  2. Metronome MET 8 Mk2 was a passive sub-woofer for the above £1590
  3. Metronome MET 9 Mk2 was a ribbon tweeter for the above at £795

Neil McCauley / editor in chief