REALLY?: Was 1967-1971 really the best sound?

I have been reading everywhere about better receivers while trying to buy the best vintage stereo with a merger budget to start. I admit when I was really interested in stereo back in the seventies I really wanted a big power sound. On returning to stereo this year I began with a search for big receivers for great sound but kept bumping up against others learned opinions that better sound resides in vintage old power from the early seventies- actually ending by 1971!

You know how it can be hard to let go.. Of an idea that is really just wrong? It has taken me a few weeks of searching the net's wisdom to confirm again that the better sound resides in rebuilding a early receiver to better than new specs with better caps, etc. So ok I accept it. Now I'm looking at the Sansui G-6000 i wanted to buy with suspicion as it is past the time of better sound.

I dont know if there a few receivers brand/models out there that were built before 1972 that will provide 40 wpc rms for my Paradigms. I may have to compromise a bit and by a later model Sansui, maybe the G-xxx series.

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