Q&A: On The Beatles’ ‘Revolver’ album, who was the song ‘For No One’ written about?


Paul usually doesn’t write in first person but has on some occasions. The song wasn’t written about himself and Jane Asher. They were actually on vacation together when Paul wrote the song. The song was written in 1966 while Paul was 24. He seemed to be a bit young to write a song as profound as For No One. The lyrics and melody perfectly captured the pain of a breakup while one person in the relationship is still clinging to a love that is no more. John Lennon even complimented the song which he didn’t often do. For No One appears on the album Revolver which featured other McCartney greats like Here, There And Everywhere, Got To Get You Into My Life, Good Day Sunshine and Eleanor Rigby. In my opinion this album could contain the very best songs of his career. If not, it still has to be near the top. Revolver showed a majorly jump in maturity from the preceding album, Rubber Soul, which was also a major jump for them. Personally, I prefer Revolver over Sgt. Pepper. The concept for Sgt. Pepper was genius but except for a few songs I think the songs on Revolver are better. Paul actually received two compliments from John about Paul’s songs on Revolver. He also liked Here, There And Everywhere. John knew good music when he heard it.

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