BEVERIDGE: 2SW speakers

I read one of your posts about the Beveridge speakers. I am located in Chicago have recently purchased a pair of Beveridge 2sw speakers. Before running the Beveridges, I was using Apogee Scintilla speakers. As good as the Scintillas are they are no match for the Beveridge speakers. I feel like I have died and gone to audio heaven! They are incredible on classical music. It is amazing how little these incredible speakers sell for in the USA.

I paid top dollar for a used pair with hsu subwoofers and tube crossover all for $7500. I cannot believe how good they are for this price. I went to the American Rocky Moutain Audio Festival for the first time last october. While there were a number of impressive speakers from MBL and the large Acapella systems, I would not trade my Beveridges for any of these speakers. To think that the amplification is also included with these speakers makes the $7500 price seem ridiculous! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that!

I am in full agreement with your thoughts about the Beveridge speakers. My three pair of Apogees are about to go up for sale!! What's your view?"

Those Beveridge speakers are in my view the greatest speaker design of all time. There is nothing I've heard at any price anywhere in the World to get close. By this I mean even the mighty Wilson monsters are to me a pale imitation. The PDF here makes fine reading

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