REGA: Keep Lenco or get Thorens or Rega?

I have been struggling with my Lenco GL75 for a while, I can't get it to track properly with my Ortofon M2 Blue pickup, and the speed seems a tiny bit uneven as piano sounds are wobbling a little bit. There's also some distortion in the highs at some points. Walking around in the room is also making the needle skip very easily and I don't like that at all. (I can't force the two cats, girlfriend and visitors to walk on their toes like I do when I'm spinning records.) I have the original tonearm and original chassi. I have been told to try a different pickup that allows heavier weight, so I got a Denon 103R that I haven't tried yet but I'm not sure that will help my situation completely.

I love the sound from the Lenco but I'm having second thoughts, I don't want to spend more money on this turntable as it might not help. I've already spend quite a bit on new cables etc. Is it better to get a Thorens 125 mk2 with Grace G960 tonearm (1100 dollars) or even a Thorens 166 mk2 (300 dollars)? I use my old Rega P1 most of the time as it works fine even though the sound isn't as good. But I hate the weak motor, can't even clean the records properly without stopping the platter to spin. Maybe a new Rega P3 or P6 would be a good choice?

I think I need some advice! Thanks!