JOHN CRABBE: Firebrand. Steve Harris @ Stereophile magazine

Originally published 2009

America already had High Fidelity and Audio when the first British hi-fi magazine emerged. Before that, to find coverage of audio developments you'd have had to search through the pages of Wireless World, the major technical journal that covered the entire field of electronics. But in June 1956, just a couple of months after the first London Audio Fair, came the first issue of Hi-Fi News. Later, at least for a few golden years in the 1960s, there was still really only one hi-fi magazine, and there was only one Editor: John Crabbe.

John Crabbe joined Hi-Fi News in 1962, and was Editor from 1965 to 1982. Early in his tenure he wrote one of the best books ever on the subject, Hi-Fi in the Home, and by the end of it he'd also managed to find time to write books about Berlioz and Beethoven.

John used to like to say that he was the only audio editor who'd once .....

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