STEVE GUTTENBERG: Here’s a hassle-free way to buy used audio gear

Steve Guttenberg writes:

Audio Classics tests and repairs vintage audio before they sell it, complete with a money-back guarantee!

Buying used audio gear from the original owner or a store usually carries a high degree of risk. Working electronics may turn out to have faulty components, speakers might have busted drivers, and a turntable's bearings may be worn out. Buying used audio can be a huge hassle, but the team at Audio Classics stands behind the gear they sell. Their technicians thoroughly check out each component, clean it, and do repairs as necessary to bring the product up to, or as close as possible to its original performance specifications. Audio Classics has been based in Vestal, N.Y., since 1997.

The store's owner, Steve Rowell, claims he has more test gear than most factory authorized service centers. What's more, Audio Classics has a two-part grading system for the used gear it sells. For example, an Adcom GFA-555 power amp might have a ..........

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