MAINS: Frustration

Mr. Vronsky … have you experienced your system sounding different, in the same room, at different times of the day and indeed at weekends and week days?

Oh very much so, yes. One of the crushing things that you feel when you need to calm you and encourage you in life for music and you go in and turn your system on and it … sounds like hell … whatever it is. Horrible. Really horrible.

I believe there are two things that work here. One is that the mains affects the performance quite significantly and there are times of the day when I would not probably expect the sound to be very good. The other thing of course is something to do with oneself.

In an agitated state, and there are certain types of agitated states – and I have no idea whether it’s alpha rhythms or anything else – but I am quite sure that one's own mood and condition affects the whole effect and it’s quite difficult to determine what the deciding factor is. Whether it’s the equipment not being great or you yourself not being receptive in the right way. So I think it does alter very much. One of those unfortunately things; it can be helped of course by trying to neutralise some of the distortions that come down the mains.

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