SANTANA: Cow Palace, San Francisco, 31st December ’75 (Ltd/1000 2CD)



  • Santana live at the Cow Palace, San Francisco on New Year’s Eve 1975 broadcast by KSAN-FM.
  • A smokin’ live band in full flow with a rejuvenated Carlos giving the material from the early albums new focus and energy. All captured in pristine sound quality.
  • Limited Edition pressing of 1000.

Disc 1

1 Incident At Neshabur

2 Black Magic Woman-Gypsy Queen

3 Oye Como Va

4 Tell Me Are You Tired

5 Time Waits For No One

6 Samba Pa Ti

Disc 2

1 Give And Take

2 Savor

3 Toussaint L'Overture

4 Let Me

5 Soul Sacrifice

Carlos Santana

Tom Coster

Armando Pereza

David Brown

Leon "Ndugu" Chancler

Greg Walker

FM Broadcast





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