THE GUARDIAN / Dave Simpson

I played I Like the Way This Is Going as a love letter to my then girlfriend, now wife, before having it played as we walked down the aisle. What does it feel like to be able to create songs that can change people’s lives? cleckhuddersfax

It’s the most amazing feeling because you write these songs for yourself, so to have other people getting something out of it is fantastic. I wrote that song for my girlfriend at the time and a few hours later we got in a big fight. Then I felt stupid for having written it, but we’re still friends and she’s been at shows when I’ve said, “The person that this is about is actually in the room with us.”

Are you considering a follow-up to Things the Grandchildren Should Know? Probably the best book by a musician Ive ever read. Boxspringhog

I want to, because so much crazy shit has happened since I finished that book. The problem I have is that, with the first one, I was writing about people who had died, so I didn’t feel too guilty. But now, .....


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