From the archive / Dear diary – JBL L100 Century, mysterious Buddy Guy CD situation, PraT and the wierdos on the PFM forum and, er, that’s it.

Dear oh dear. Another re-run of the day before – almost. Must get to grips with the paperwork, inconsistent focus and all-too-easy distractions. Make a note not to look at eBay or the BBC website on Wednesday. Tough call. “My fellow addicts, I come to you this evening to tell you that I am an internet junkie”. Hmm.

Not all bad though. Saw some interesting and carefully considered answers to some of the questions I posed on The Art Of Sound forum. Got some useful insights into aspects of transformer saturation on valve amps. Make a note to get a life.

Pink Fish Media forum always provides a larf. Not that their po-faced members intend to be so I guess. Classics on there today include “Valve amps with PraT”, and “What do you call a cross between a Kyte and Kan”. A nation holds its breath! And I think I'm sad? Yeah, right!

Got one of my pairs of JBL L100 Century speakers back after having a pair of heavy duty 4mm sockets fitted and the ‘brilliance’ and ‘presence’ controls lubricated. Moved them with surprising ease. Must be the motivation. Next pair ready next week hopefully.

A chance encounter with a classical composer / conductor / pianist tonight was a high spot. As always, a pleasure to listen to an expert talking without condescension and with enthusiasm. Bit surprised by his answer to my question suggesting Sir Harrison Birtwistle might be taking the piss. Apparently he’s not. Looks like I still have much to learn.

Promise myself I’ll spend at least 30 mins just listening to music for pleasure on Wednesday. Nice change from using it to test equipment. Ponder why overnight my copy of Buddy Guy’s “Bring em in” refuses to play on any of my systems inc the Apple. Bit odd. No surface marks whatsoever. Printed side undamaged. I’ll give it to Ben to see if his Cambridge Azur will play bit. I’ll tell him he can keep it if he does.

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